Sanitation, Sterilization and Safety Procedures

Includes methods of sanitation and sterilization of equipment and safety procedures used in sculpting, design, perming, nail care, facials and tweezing, and shampooing. (92)

Personal Development and Professional Ethics

Includes how to understand ones self and its effect on relationships. How to be more effective in daily work through positive attitudes, how to gain self confidence, and how to set goals and manage time effectively.(61)

Public Relations

Includes sales techniques, how to seek and obtain employment, payroll deductions, preparation of employment applications and resumes, business management, communication skills, laws and regulations governing salon operations, safety with respect to both designer and client, desk and telephone procedures, dispensary operation. (106)

Manicuring and Study of Nails

Includes table set up, manicure procedure, structure of the hands and nails, application of artificial nails, and the study of nail diseases and disorders. (69)

State Laws and Regulations

Includes rules and regulations pertaining to health, safety, sanitation, professional conduct, and licensing and examination requirements. (13)

Hair Design, Shampoos and Scalp Treatment

Draping, diseases and disorders of the scalp, wet styling, blow drying and iron curling and design, control and finishing techniques. (439)

Hair Sculpting

Includes techniques and implements used in razor, scissor, clipper sculpting, analysis of facial features, hair characteristics, and client consultation. (329)

Wigs and Hairpieces

Includes materials and methods of construction, selection, fitting, blocking, cleaning, sculpt-ing and styling. (10)

Permanent Waving and Chemical Hair Relaxing

Includes hair and scalp analysis, hair characteristics, consultation, sectioning and wrapping, chemistry and process, product information and product procedures. (256)

Hair Coloring

Includes study of theory and laws of color, levels and series of hair color, mixing and application of semi and permanent dyes, and lightening, dimensional coloring techniques, chemistry and product information. (495)

Facials/Makeup, Skin Care, and Brow Arches

Includes preparation of client, skin care products, facial procedure, skin conditions, diseases and disorders, packs and masks, brow arching and waxing, facial shapes and features and makeup application. (63)


Includes the study of body systems, muscles and nerves of the head, face and hands. (17)

Unassigned Hours

Hours of training used to supplement course will be at the discretion of the school management. (150)

Textbook Pricing of Required and Recommended Textbook
Salon Fundamentals